Rafine Modern Armchair



Sizes (mm): Armchair: 750 wide x 825 deep x 690 high.

Product Body Cover (Wool): BLAZER Butterstone or BLAZER Camphill or BLAZER Edge Hill or BLAZER Imperial or BLAZER Rockport or BLAZER Starley or SYNERGY Affix or SYNERGY Co-operate or SYNERGY Collaborate or SYNERGY Likeness or SYNERGY Mix or SYNERGY Mutual or SYNERGY Partner or SYNERGY Unity.


This modern armchair is not a chameleon

Our Rafine sofa bed range, is a rare specimen indeed.  It is very eye catching and also contains a couple of important secrets.  To find out more about this sofa bed series please click here.  However this matching Rafine armchair does not convert to a sofa bed.  It has a single purpose.  To provide a modern armchair which is both beautiful and very comfortable using the same detailing as the sofas.

The reason this modern armchair doesn’t convert to a bed is very simple.  The Belgian pull out mechanism which is used in the Rafine sofa bed range is simply too wide to aesthetically work as an armchair.  This is the case even when considering the smallest, single bed mechanism width.  In order to get a single sofa bed, one must look at the small 2 seat sofa version.

The French Connection

What this modern armchair does have however, is the beautiful curved silhouette that is found in the sofas.  The gentle curvature of the arms and back remain in their exact form here.  The other thing that is identical is the great comfort level.  Sitting in this armchair or in the wider sofa version will feel just the same.  The only difference will be the width of the seat!

Furthermore, there’s another detail which is also clearly evident in the armchair version.  As we explain in the description relating to the Rafine sofa beds, it’s unusual for us to not offer our armchairs in leather.  However we’re making this very decision for the entire Rafine range – including the armchair.  Why?  Simply because the double-over “French seam” doesn’t really work that well with leather.  Instead, it was designed to stand out and “pop” using select high quality fabrics.  So that’s what we’re making available with this modern armchair.  We especially love emphasizing the iconic “French seam” using quality cotton-based velvet, linen as well as natural wool.  And just like the sofa seres, we’re sticking to our principles and instincts in this regard.

The colours available in the various fabrics are extensive, as too are the textures that the various fabrics provide.  Please note: if you’d like to discuss your options regarding velvet and linen (or anything else) please don’t hesitate to contact us.  It’s easier to discuss the options with these materials when we know a little bit more about the specific look someone is after.  Our preferred New Zealand Wools are listed as the default cover options to keep the front end of the shopping cart as clear as possible.  For anything else, just get in touch.

Is it as comfortable?

The ergonomics found throughout the Rafine sofa range is identical in the armchair version.  The seat height, arm/back height, seat density and angled base all remain exactly the same.  You can sit normally or curl your legs under yourself and you’ll be very comfy and supported.

Don’t get us wrong, we think that this modern armchair does benefit from a scatter cushion or two.  Especially if you’re on the shorter side.  But this is simple personal preference.  Taller people may find that there’s no need for additional scatters!  The choice is yours.   As always we offer a large range of scatters in many different shapes, sizes and finishes, in accordance with your preferences.  Please refer to our Luxe Scatter Cushions for more on this.


Delivery and lead time

We pride ourselves on our transparency and honesty, so we’d like to explain our delivery options in this same manner. Find out more about our delivery options.

Delivery method: Client Pick-Up (free); Delivery to Your Door Organised by PodMarket (invoiced separately); Delivery Organised by Client
Lead time: Approximately 6 weeks (depending on cover availability).

Product design

Design: PodMarket Pty Ltd
Made in Melbourne.


Sustainability is our essence, not just a tag line.
Good Design is sustainable. Minimal materials, cleverly put together, avoiding unnecessary production and waste. Well crafted designs that last a long time, because if you buy cheap you pay twice, and so does the environment.

Sustainability is about health, avoiding bad chemicals, using non-toxic materials.  Choice of materials is important. We prefer natural fibres in our fabrics. Wools, cottons, linens, and leather.  Timber is a great choice for sustainable outcomes. Forests are good for our environment, and timber production has many eco-benefits. We prefer timbers that are properly harvested using sustainable forestry practices, and timbers that last. We use glass, or metal when that’s what the item needs to be beautiful, or functional, or to last a long time. That’s part of a sustainable outcome too.
For further information, please refer to  our design principles and our materials sections.


  Customisation available. Please contact us with your requirements.
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