Plume Leather Armchair



Sizes (mm): 900 wide x 800 deep x 690 high.

Product Body Cover: SENSO Barista or SENSO Clay or SENSO Gotham or SENSO Umbria or SILK 0229 or SILK 0250 or SILK 0258 or SILK 0329 or SILK 0842.


Utilising the same iconic stitching as the ever popular Plume sofas, these leather armchairs epitomise contemporary design.

Designer stitch = designer armchair

Our Plume designer armchairs provide the ultimate in down cushion comfort.  The ergonomics are great, and the look is very contemporary.  But the Plume also focuses on an often overlooked upholstery element.  The stitch itself!  This is the smallest, yet the most important detail there is in the world of upholstery.

Just like the Plume sofas, these designer armchairs also use the unique stitching detail.  After much research, we have developed our own special, ‘open’ stitching detail.  Here, the two leather components are held together and stitched well away from the exposed edge.  This demands very heavy duty cotton thread.  The 2 exposed ends are then NOT turned inside out as per normal.  Rather, they’re left as they are.  This results in a most interesting stitching detail.  We’re sure you’ll agree.

We only offer these designer armchairs in a full aniline or semi-aniline leather.  The reasons for this are two-fold.  Firstly, only the highest quality and toughest leather can do this stitching detail any justice.  It will keep itself taught yet flexible and accentuate the aesthetic.  Secondly, only top quality leather provides the texture and sense of luxury that such designer armchairs demand.

To explain the difference between full aniline versus semi-aniline leather, please click here: Materials We Use.

What about comfort?

The Plume designer armchairs have terrific ergonomics.  You will always be comfortable sitting in a Plume.  Furthermore, the various geometric shapes are purposefully combined with plump internal down.  These elements work together to provide a wonderful sense of proportion, support and comfort.

Scatter cushions however, can be added in any cover you desire.  Not only leather.  Please refer to our Luxe Scatter Cushions information for more regarding the multitude of options available here.

Please refer to our specifications data sheet for detailed dimensions regarding the sofas available in the Plume range.  Alternatively you can see the options here.

Delivery and lead time

We pride ourselves on our transparency and honesty, so we’d like to explain our delivery options in this same manner. Find out more about our delivery options.

Delivery method: Client Pick-Up (free); Delivery to Your Door Organised by PodMarket (invoiced separately); Delivery Organised by Client
Lead time: Approximately 6 weeks (depending on cover availability).

Product design

Design: PodMarket Pty Ltd
Made in Melbourne.


Sustainability is our essence, not just a tag line.
Good Design is sustainable. Minimal materials, cleverly put together, avoiding unnecessary production and waste. Well crafted designs that last a long time, because if you buy cheap you pay twice, and so does the environment.

Sustainability is about health, avoiding bad chemicals, using non-toxic materials.  Choice of materials is important. We prefer natural fibres in our fabrics. Wools, cottons, linens, and leather.  Timber is a great choice for sustainable outcomes. Forests are good for our environment, and timber production has many eco-benefits. We prefer timbers that are properly harvested using sustainable forestry practices, and timbers that last. We use glass, or metal when that’s what the item needs to be beautiful, or functional, or to last a long time. That’s part of a sustainable outcome too.
For further information, please refer to  our design principles and our materials sections.


  Customisation available. Please contact us with your requirements.
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