Incline Large Mirror



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Dimensions (mm): 1780 tall x 680 wide x 75 deep.

Product Materials: MDF backing panel with Blackened edges or Mirror or Wood.

Product Finish: Clear, water based, matte finish on timber frame..

Product Timber Options: Mountain Ash or Silver Wattle or Tasmanian Myrtle or Tasmanian Blackwood.


Large Format Mirror

The Incline is a full-length, large designer mirror with a very elegant twist. With its minimalist aesthetic this large format mirror can simply lean against any wall or internal corner as desired.  This makes it completely mobile and multi-functional. Move it wherever you want it in the home.  If you prefer to have the mirror fixed to the wall however, please see below.

The Incline

The timber surround envelopes a mirror which is held at a slight upward angle to the vertical plane. This is a fancy way to say that the mirror is secured at an Incline to the frame work.  The Incline of this large designer mirror helps the person see their reflection more easily, particularly if they are on the taller side.  No more stooping down to look at your missing bits if you’re a bit taller than average.

This large format mirror caters for all shapes and sizes and looks very minimalist. By slightly angling the mirror against the wall when leaning it, this further accentuates the upward Incline of the mirror itself.  Tall people delight – no more cut-off heads!

It’s quite rare for such a large designer mirror to be so flexible and versatile.  You can simply pick it up and move it to another room and lean it against the wall and you’re done.  This is multi-functionality and minimalism coming together.

Technically speaking there is no installation required for this large designer mirror. However if wall fixing is preferred, this can be organised.  Please simply contact us to advise.  We will supply all necessary hardware too. All wall fixing is to be performed by the customer.

Delivery and lead time

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Delivery method: Client Pick-Up (free); Delivery to Your Door Organised by PodMarket (invoiced separately); Delivery Organised by Client
Lead time: Approximately 4-6 weeks.

Product design

Design: PodMarket Pty Ltd.
Made in Melbourne.


Sustainability is our essence, not just a tag line.
Good Design is sustainable. Minimal materials, cleverly put together, avoiding unnecessary production and waste. Well crafted designs that last a long time, because if you buy cheap you pay twice, and so does the environment.

Sustainability is about health, avoiding bad chemicals, using non-toxic materials.  Choice of materials is important. We prefer natural fibres in our fabrics. Wools, cottons, linens, and leather.  Timber is a great choice for sustainable outcomes. Forests are good for our environment, and timber production has many eco-benefits. We prefer timbers that are properly harvested using sustainable forestry practices, and timbers that last. We use glass, or metal when that’s what the item needs to be beautiful, or functional, or to last a long time. That’s part of a sustainable outcome too.
For further information, please refer to  our design principles and our materials sections.


  Customisation available. Please contact us with your requirements.
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