Near Zero Energy Buildings

Whilst PodMarket® focuses on furniture and interiors, our affiliate organisation Superpod® focuses on designing and building near zero energy buildings.  In fact Superpod® designs and builds internationally certified Passive Houses.

Our passive house building system is unique.  We now even have patents for the system already issued in the United States, China and the EU.  Patents are still pending here in Australia and Japan.  These passive buildings require the least amount of energy to run as compared to any other type of building.  They are truly “near zero energy buildings”!

Don’t confuse this minimal energy requirement to heat and cool your building with renewable energy.  This has nothing to do with solar panels, water tanks and living off the grid.  All of these great sustainability measures can be added of course, but the ultimate goal of these near zero energy buildings is to really provide the occupants with the most comfortable, stable and healthy internal environment, with the tiniest amount of actual energy input required.

It is a revelation and something we’re very proud of.   For more information, please read the posts here.  For a lot more information about passive house and near zero energy homes, please visit our Superpod® website.