Italian Design Diary – PodMarket in Italy

In mid 2018 our design directors (Fiona McKenzie and Harry Strouzas) visited Milan & Lake Como to accept a very prestigious Italian design award.

They stayed three weeks and had numerous site visits, meetings and discussions with some of the biggest and most well known furniture brands in the Italian design scene.  They also met up with some colleagues too and did lots and lots of research.  All in all, it was a glamorous sounding work trip.

Luckily (for us) Fiona also kept a travel diary and posted it to our faithful clients and subscribers to our newsletter.  She somehow managed to do this almost every day, and it now serves as a very timely reminder of what they actually did and what they learned in this hotspot of Italian design.

Oh, they also did lots of walking, drank lots of coffee and ate lots of gelato.  They even managed to spend a couple of days de-stressing and recharging in some of the most beautiful villas on Lake Como.