Contemporary Design: PodMarket®

PodMarket® is a contemporary design company with a furniture, lighting and interiors focus.

In many ways the ethos is the same as our affiliate company Superpod®, whose focus is on contemporary design within the sustainable building sphere.  Click here for more on our patented building system.

In essence our design sensibilities are firmly rooted in today’s modern world.  For this is the world that we actually live in.  So this is the world that we want to design for and help make better.  This makes logical sense to us.

To make this as simple as possible, we often look at it like this…….PodMarket/furniture + Superpod/buildings = Contemporary Design

We also know a lot about high quality, contemporary design from other designers and manufacturers too.  It’s all we think about after all and we most certainly do not live in a vacuum.  So we often write about others as much as we do about our own designs.  We think that’s refreshing.  Hopefully you do too.  We hope you find our thoughts interesting.