Awards: International

We have received numerous international design awards for our work over the years.

Although this is not something we actively seek out, it must be noted that receiving such awards and positive feedback by international experts does provide us with a nice warm internal feeling.  And it does act as a form of confirmation, that we’re good enough designers to compete with the world’s best.

So far we’ve received awards from countries that have an extensive design  history, including: Italy, Germany and the USA.  Not bad for a business set up on the other side of the world, and one based in such a young country.

The awards process can be funny one however.  And quite often we are too busy, too tired or simply cant be bothered getting back to the organisers who ask us to enter.  That being said, we’ve consequently decided to focus only on a very small number of highly recognised awards, whenever we can squeeze it in to our schedule.  And although it’s not a priority for us, it does sometimes give us a break from the heavy duty design work, which can be nice.  These awards also keep us in the loop regarding the goings on in the design world.

They can also be a bit of fun too – if you’re in the right frame of mind.  Sometimes they can also act as a catalyst for an overseas trip or two!  We’re not complaining.