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PodMarket Designers

The PodMarket Designers are passionate about design.  Design that’s sensible, practical, long lasting, beautiful, easy to use, valuable, made using quality materials and which feels good.  At PodMarket we like thinking things through, down to the letter, or number.  God is in the detail: don’t cut corners, use your talent, work hard, follow up…….and get it right!  These philosophies lie behind everything that the PodMarket designers do.

Change.  Doing different things isn’t always easy. But putting it bluntly, we think the world should (and can) be a better place. So we find ourselves often doing things differently, and always thinking up new things, even though that’s harder. Then we like to make them look easy. And beautiful.  That’s harder again.

PodMarket and our associated brand Superpod are into new stuff, otherwise known as innovation. For this reason “they” can’t fit us into their normal boxes, although they will continue to try.  We love seeing this, but that’s a whole other topic.  This unpredictability is something the PodMarket designers thrive on.

We are pleased to have our Pende Table nominated for the German Design Award 2018.  The German Design Council has assessed our design as an “outstanding accomplishment” and worthy as a contender in this prestigious Award.  They described it as “extraordinary”.  Not only that, but we have also received design awards for the very same series in Italy (A Design Awards) and Chicago (Good Design Awards).  Our international recognition is something that we’re very proud of.

Our PodMarket designers are Fiona McKenzie and Harry Strouzas.

PodMarket Designers 1
Fiona McKenzie: PodMarket Designer

Fiona is a building façade system designer, aiming for comfortable, draft free, fresh and healthy indoor air environments. She loves all aspects of design, especially fashion, fabrics, textiles and furniture. She is also a barrister, and trains people in good decision making, law and government regulation. Interested in what we are doing to our planet, and what we shouldn’t be doing to it, she has taken her educator role and expanded it even further to include the benefits of passive house buildings to ensure a lower carbon future.

Fiona designed and built one of the very first certified passive houses in Australia, with a patent-pending building system, for which we won an Australian Good Design® Award. She made a film about it (so add film-maker to her list of abilities too). To get this done, she had to go overseas to do the building physics modelling with UK consultants in New York, and hear about the New York Passive House high rise movement…  but that too is another story.
PodMarket Designers 2
Harry Strouzas: PodMarket Designer

Harry is a furniture designer. He used to be an accountant, and a pretty good one at that, but it made his soul black. So he switched to furniture making. He did a full apprenticeship, and won a few awards along the way.  He worked as a high end, bespoke maker.  Then he went to the UK to do a very prestigious degree in furniture design and craftsmanship.  He topped his class each year and graduated with first class honours (“a first” as they say in England). But he missed Melbourne, so he came back home.  He is an amazing creative designer but also excels at the technical stuff.

Then he got really interested in design, with a much broader view.  He not only provides technical and creative drive for the innovative, ground breaking Superpod buildings, but he has now begun inventing his own furniture systems and is always coming up with new furniture concepts and designs.

Irrelevant Information

Fiona and Harry both like good food and other stuff too. Fiona doesn’t like kale but loves dark chocolate. Harry doesn’t like celery but loves oranges.  Fiona is great at handling chopsticks.  Harry knows quite a bit about wine.  Fiona is less interested in the technical side, but loves a great glass of red wine.  They are true Melburnians, meaning they both love good coffee.  Fiona also likes tea. Harry doesn’t.  Harry is a sports tragic.  He used to play a lot of tennis, and was an excellent player.  He also closely follows football, soccer and the tour de France. Fiona doesn’t really care about sport.   She’d rather visit a museum or art gallery, or play her piano or go to a concert.  Fiona is cultured but Harry is a much better drawer.  This annoys Fiona much to Harry’s amusement.  Harry often wears a hat.  Fiona always wears (according to Harry) an “unnecessary scarf”.   Fiona is adamant that her scarves are always necessary!

PodMarket Designers 1
Obligatory black & white photos.
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B&W photos = real designers.