Delivery + Dealings

Our Terms and Conditions.


We pride ourselves on our transparency and honesty, so we’d like to explain our delivery options in this same manner.

As far as we’re concerned shipping is painful and easily ranks as the most annoying part of our business.  Apart from providing no joy or intrinsic value and being quite boring, the real issues begin when one considers the fact that furniture is often on the large-ish size, is made from a multitude of materials which need to be handled differently and is available in a range of different sizes and with or without certain options.  Hence dealing with such varying items means we can’t simply have two or three customised boxes made and then just mail the small sized products to you, wherever you are in the world.

So we have decided to offer a range of shipping options on various products which hopefully makes things simpler, cleaner and even more transparent for you, our respected clients.  Please refer to the list of options below to see which method will be available depending on your selection and/or personal preferences.  We’ve read the books, blogs, posts and opinions of all the experts out there, we’ve had way too many meetings and discussions about it and have reflected on the issue for countless hours – far too many to be healthy – so please understand that the options offered are based on significant research and rigorous thinking and are aligned with the delivery/shipping goals we have set for our business, namely:

  • We purposefully make no money on any of our delivery methods.
  • Full customer transparency is what we desire and we believe this is the only way to prove this “no delivery margin” goal.
  • We only care about getting your pieces to you as professionally and carefully as possible, and that you pay an honest and fair delivery fee for this service.
  • Delivery and shipping has a value and comes at a real cost. We wish to minimise this cost for you, and believe that you desire the same.
  • We do not engage in any delivery related gamesmanship – ie: we never mark up our prices and then offer discounted or “free” shipping.

Delivery Options Available

  1. Australia Post Delivery – available on our smaller items.
    Availability is based of final packaged dimensions and weight. Australia Post has dimension and weight thresholds, however when available this option will override all others and you will be directed to the Australia Post online calculator at the Checkout.
  2. Client Pick-Up – the no charge option.
    Business headquarters is in Burnley, Melbourne and some items can be picked up from here. However as many of our pieces are made to order, you can also pickup directly from our specialist furniture makers and upholsterers, all of whom are based in Melbourne also.  We can advise on location depending on the products ordered.  The furthermost location is only 11km from Melbourne’s CBD.
  3. Delivery to Your Door Organised by PodMarket – invoiced separately.
    We engage with numerous delivery companies that are fully equipped to handle your selected items carefully and deliver them to your door anywhere in Australia.  The variables here are many (eg: type of product, size, delivery location etc).  Hence we can ascertain the best option and consequent delivery fee for you based on your selections and location, and can simply invoice you within 3 days post checkout.
  4. Delivery Organised by Client.
    As stated we aim to make no money on delivery and are consequently more than happy for you to organise delivery yourself. Within 3 days post checkout we will advise on the location of the pickup point in Melbourne and provide an accurate pickup date.  We are fully aware that our clients are sophisticated online purchasers and many have various options at their disposal making such an option very worthwhile.  We are more than happy to facilitate this.
  5. International Delivery.
    Please contact us and we will work through the various options available depending on your selections and location.

Privacy Policy

We handle your personal information as follows:

  • We collect your personal information when you give it to us;
  • When we collect your personal information (eg: name, address, email) we will use it for the purpose of collection like dealing with you, delivering items to you, communicating with you, and telling you about news from time to time;
  • We will only share your personal information between Superpod Pty Ltd, PodMaker Pty Ltd, and any subsidiary companies; and with other entities who need to know your information in order for us to fulfil our obligations to you like suppliers or delivery companies;
  • If you receive news from us but decide that you would rather not, you can always “unsubscribe”;
  • Our websites (;; and any other websites owned or operated by any of our associated companies) gather information from your computer through “cookies”, but this does not tell us directly who you are, so it is unlikely to be “personal information”;
  • We will not sell your personal information to unrelated companies for their own purposes.
  • Contact us at conta[email protected] with any questions about our privacy policy.

Quality, Representations, Warranties, Returns and Exchange


We pride ourselves on designing, producing and selecting very high quality items.  Quality design and craftsmanship is essential to our ethos, because it makes sense, it’s sustainable, and means that what you buy from us should work well for a very long time.

We don’t think that you should “buy cheap, pay twice”.   We don’t subscribe to the ethos of “here today, gone tomorrow”.  For example, we prefer to buy good German or Italian shoes and resole them every few years, rather than purchase cheap rubbish that falls apart in a few short weeks.

We want to make sure you are happy with the quality of your item, and that your expectations are clear, and we would like you to contact us with any questions or comments when you buy from us.

Sometimes, things happen, even in the best of products, and if there is something that shouldn’t be there, or something missing, we want to resolve this for you.  However, sometimes customers have issues that go beyond what we are offering.  Our terms below set out when we will or can fix things for you, and who will pay for it.


Our website contains general descriptions and images of the products we sell.

  • Actual products may vary from the descriptions and images in our website. For example, colours of timber will vary from piece to piece.  The colours as they show on your computer screen may not be the same as the “real” colours.
  • We suggest that if you are particular about exact colour of a material or leather, you request a sample where possible, or view an example of the item, if we can facilitate that.
  • We cannot guarantee that all products will be available at the time of ordering – this will be confirmed at the time you order the product.

Repair, replacement, or refund

There are statutory legal guarantees which govern our provision to you of products.  We are bound by the laws of Victoria and Australia and provide automatic guarantees that are required by these laws.

  • We guarantee, as required by law, that the products we provide you do what they are designed to do, and are not faulty.
  • We also guarantee that they look and feel fantastic. Maybe that’s a value judgment, but we think you will be happy.
  • The automatic legal guarantees may require us to decide whether to repair, replace or refund you for any goods which do not meet consumer guarantees.
  • You may have a claim against the manufacturer directly.

Change of mind

  • We are not obliged to return or replace goods if you change your mind. However, please contact us and we will try to accommodate you if we can.
  • We suggest that you carefully measure the space for any bulky items, as well as the access doorways and openings that the pieces needs to pass through, to make sure that the items will fit in the space and that access to that space is possible. If the object does not fit, we will not be responsible to refund you.

Damage to products

The products we sell are mostly to be used.  Use results in fair wear and tear, and sometimes damage.  We are not obliged to replace items which have been damaged through your use.

Items damaged during transit may be your responsibility or ours, depending on how the transport has been arranged.  If you collect an item and transport it at your cost, and it is damaged in transit, we will not be obliged to replace the item, but we will do what we can to help repair the item, or replace it at your cost if we are not liable. 

Intellectual Property

All the material on our websites (;; and other associated websites) belongs to Superpod Pty Ltd and is licensed for us to one or more of our associated companies.  This includes all intellectual property such as patents or patents pending, designs whether registered or not, trademarks, copyright, and moral rights.  You are free to use this material to learn, ponder, observe and consider what to buy.

However, you are not authorised to copy our material and use it for a commercial purpose.  Nor are you authorised to copy any of our designs for yourself or others, even on a non-commercial basis.