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Our Modern Dining Tables

At a Glance

Typically with today’s product heavy websites, you get bombarded with a million products.  Then comes the hard part.  You have to navigate the plethora of information and try and make sense of what is what, who designed it and who (and where) it’s made.  Then you must figure out which products are more in tune with your style and expression.  Well, we’re handling things a little differently here.  Rather than simply bombard you with product, we’ve decided to gather all of the same type of product (ie: modern dining tables) in one simple place.  This way,  you can see at a glance what we design and manufacture in this field, and also some defining characteristic about each item.  Of course you can always look at each of our modern dining tables in the normal way by referring to our product category “to lounge, eat + sleep.

As we add more products within each of our specific furniture types’ we will ensure that we keep this post up to date.  So in many ways, this area becomes another useful tool, if you prefer seeing all your options at once.  For those of you that do, this is for you.


We will not bombard you with the same amount of information on each of our modern dining tables as is present on the specific product pages.  Rather, this article aims to provide more of a holistic overview, so you can determine if you’d like to find out more.  Then it’s just a matter of clicking on the specific link/title to get all the information and imagery you desire.  Now to the list…….

 Pende Dining Table

Pende Table Series
Pende Dining Table Flanked by Two Side Tables

This is our minimalist table design which utilises physics, geometry and forces to create a most elegant design solution.  This modern dining table has won international design awards in Italy, Germany and the U.S.A.

It solves numerous problems that other criss-cross tables have.  The legs are not thick, chunky or wasteful.  The entire frame is very easy to assemble and disassemble.  And the table is both light, yet incredibly durable and stable.  The whole table is easily flatpack-able for transport purposes too.  A light globe can even be integrated into the design if desired.

The word “Pende” references the number “five” in Greek.  However this patent pending design is also completely adaptable to any number of legs.  So long as there are more than two!  The glass tops are also available in numerous shapes including, squares, circles, rectangles and ellipses.  As a further design feature, you can create very large dining tables by simply grouping two or more together.  It’s that easy!

The Pende design is also Internationally registered.  It’s a completely unique, minimalist and most contemporary design.

Stroma Dining Table 

Steel frame table with Armchair
Stroma Dining Table with Armchair

The Stroma is the latest edition in our range of modern dining tables.  This design focuses on layers, both in materials used as well as the overall form.  The Stroma is elegant and streamlined, yet robust and tough.

The design is most striking when presented in a large rectangular form.  The top is available in a number of Australian hardwoods.  The structural frame is available in overlapping, finely brushed, stainless steel.  Rather than doing the normal thing with large tables and using larger sectioned steel, we decided to do something unique.  We used thin sectioned stainless steel elements and then layered the long side frames with the shorter ones.  This in turn provides an incredibly stable under frame which is full of negative space and is visually intriguing.

We are currently working on a complimentary coffee table version as we think the Stroma is so aesthetically striking that it should be appreciated in various forms and scales.

Grove Dining Table

Grove Table
10 Seater Grove Table.  American Oak Top.

The Grove is a contemporary dining table that suits those who want a definite central focus piece to their eating environment.  The Grove is big, heavy and can easily be scaled to suit various rooms.  It’s the epitome of large format dining tables.

This is a design which is minimalist at its core.  It very often suits coastal homes which are on the larger size spectrum.  The design is clean and uncluttered and can facilitate many chairs.  Great for large dinner parties or for spreading out your favourite broadsheet newspaper over a big breakfast.

The top is made using thick Australian timbers.   The base is powder coated, square section, mild steel – completely welded together.  The legs can also be joined at the bottom on the shorter ends if desired.  A phrase which we think is suitable in describing the Grove series is “coastal chic”.

Alpine Dining Table

European Walnut Table Top and Leg
Alpine Dining Table Corner Detail

The Alpine table is for lovers of natural timber – and there are a lot who fall into that group.  The timber is all that’s on show, and beautifully so.  The design itself appears simple – and in reality, it is.  However such large tables with fully exposed leg end-grain, can only work if they are meticulously crafted.  And ours are!

There is no traditional leg and rail under frame which the top can simply rest on.  With this minimalist design the table top is as much a part of the structure as the legs.  The top must have cut outs in the corners to accept the square section legs.  And for this to look so clean and contemporary, the jointing must be absolutely precise.

The Alpine suits high quality timbers and is also very adaptable regarding size and shape.  It’s often just as easy to make an eight seater version as it is to make a twelve seater.  It’s all about the craftsmanship and joinery.

Hull Dining Tables

Hull Dining Table
Hull Dining Table Under frame

These modern dining tables are most unique.  The under frame references the traditional, wooden, cross bracing framework used in wooden boat building.  The under frame is an incredibly sophisticated piece of  engineering.

We utilise marine ply in our Hull tables as we feel that it best represents the layered nature of the interlocking structure.  The finish of each table is a world first also.  The clear under frame and white top is powder coated in a matte finish which is entirely VOC (volatile organic compound) free.  This means that there are no toxins at all, making each table completely safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly.  All finishing is done in country Victoria.


Available in both rectilinear and rounded forms – each in 3 different sizes, there’s sure to be a Hull table to suit your requirements and space.  The 360º series relates to circular and elliptical tops.  For square and rectangular tops please refer to the 90º series.


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