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Italian designers and makers meet PodMarket

Our trip is nearly over, but we managed to squeeze in one last visit with superlative Italian designers and makers in Brianza, Italy.  This time, the wonderful Anna Bartoli took us to see Massimo and Matteo Maggioni from Laurameroni Design Collection.

Laurameroni are specialists in luxury finishes and specialised surface decoration.  They work closely with Anna Bartoli from Bartoli Design, famous Italian designers, in not only furniture pieces but also inbuilt furniture and the curation of interior spaces.

This is quite a different focus for us and one of the reasons we were keen to meet these guys in Italy.  It is not so easy to find such specialised businesses to work with in Australia!  So, Australian designers meet Italian designers.


Bartoli Design, Laurameroni and PodMarket
The welcome of Italian designers and makers to PodMarket from Australia

Here is Harry Strouzas from PodMarket, with Anna Bartoli from Bartoli Design, and Massimo and Matteo Maggioni from Laurameroni.

What a great few hours we spent here!

Here is Anna’s website.

Bartoli Design Website

And from Laurameroni’s website, a tribute to the matriarch Laura Meroni who said: “I wanted to invite
the architects to rediscover and exploit the unique skills of our master craftsmen. To create products, using the most sophisticated equipment and the finest materials, designed for ambitious and refined people looking for products in which differentiation and uniqueness prevail.”

laurameroni website

Here’s some of the treasures we found.  An amazing combination of ideas and techniques, brought together by the charm and skill of Italian designers, who seem to be born with it!

Laurameroni stunning metal finish
Stunning metal finish on cabinet

Laurameroni have a fantastic wall panel system that would be fabulous in our pods by Superpod.  An integrated door in this configuration is hardly seen.

Wall panel system allowing timber, marble, or other finishes
Fantastic wall panel system with infinite variations

The lightweight honeycomb backing ensures that this wall system is very light and strong.  The sustainability aspects of minimising the thickness of the stone are also a great feature.

Great wall panel system by Laurameroni
Lightweight but strong honeycomb backing on wall panels

Laurameroni have a fabulous metal finish which they have developed.  It is not a paint but an actual application of metal.  Their techniques have a combination of advanced technology and skilled hand-made techniques also.

We want to try these finishes on our Kamara storage trunk!  Kamara by PodMarket

Great metal finish
Metallic finishes in different ‘boxes’

Laurameroni also have some beautiful custom art pieces with marquetry.  Amazing!

Cabinet by Japanese designer
Japanese designer with coloured timber marquetry

Anna Bartoli’s table is called the Poe and is an incredibly subtle and elegant piece.

Amazing Italian designers produced this special table made in Italy
Poe table by Anna Bartoli for Laurameroni

A lounge room area features a Drape chair, followed by a Drape sofa in the next photo.  These sofas were firm at the base and soft in the back, a great combination.

I recall us commencing the design work for just a cushion in Melbourne, Australia, like this.  It was tricky getting the upholsterer just to do a cushion.  We didn’t want regular pleats. Nor did we want gathering as such.

And here it is.  Looks so simple, just folded material.  But it isn’t.  Like much good design, the work that goes into the design phase, often with prototypes and many discussions with makers, is hard to believe when you see the finished item.

So our final important visit is a fitting one to end our little design trip to Italy.

Thank you to our new friends and supporters.


Buon Viaggio!

dark and subtle interior design
Lounge area at Laurameroni
Fabulous sofa made in Italy by Italian designers
Drape Sofa by Anna Bartoli for Laurameroni – comfortable and gorgeous

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