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More on Bellagio swimming

In Italy we have had a massive week with design meetings, which I have not had the chance to blog about yet, so I thought I would just post a few more Bellagio pictures from the other day, when I went swimming.

I love swimming and will do it in freezing water.  The last time I swam outside was on a recent trip to Tasmania, around Freycinet Peninsula and the Bay of Fires.  The water was 13 degrees C.  That takes effort.

Swimming in cold waters
Fiona in Tasmania, Australia in winter

This time, in Lake Como, the water was about 23 degrees celcius.  Sounds glorious.  But on this day, it was not without its own effort.

Here’s the trip to get to the Lido, from Bellagio.

Bellagio walk to the Lido
Boardwalk from Bellagio to the Lido, looking back at Bellagio
Gardens outside Bellagio
Villa Melzi gardens
Villa Melzi
Stop under the shade of a tree
Lake Como port
Mini port outside Villa Melzi gardens, on the way to the Lido
History and architecture
Can’t help it, I love taking photos of old buildings
Path up the hillside
Where this leads I am not going
Pretty walk in Lake Como
Hot walk in Bellagio down the roads and laneways
Here is the beach, you’ve earned it! But you can’t relax yet. Now negotiate slimy pebbles and try to stay upright on your way in.

As usual, the Italians know how to do things.  A great little cafe and bar on the edge of the water provides seating, shade, drinks and food.  Plenty of time to gear up for those pebbles!


2 thoughts on “More on Bellagio swimming

  1. Thanks Fi, the scenery is stunning, I also can’t help but wonder why we do not do the cafes so close to the beach here? An English neighbour was just musing about the same thing, even if we had more pop up venues near the coast, we do seem to have a do it yourself/byo approach to beach side catering most places here. Glad you are visiting a lot of different places and making lots of valuable contacts and all tax deductible one would hope.


    1. Thanks Jill yes the scenery is stunning here on the Lake.

      Good point about Australia in relation to beach catering. It would be great to see more of it.

      And it is a very worthwhile trip in relation to the contacts we are making and the feedback on our designs and the Italian/International furniture market. We look forward to future collaborations!

      As for the tax man/woman, it will be what it will be…


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