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Bellagio invites for a well earned “rest” day

On the weekend, which now seems years ago (today is Thursday), we had a little “break” in Bellagio.  As usual, we end up discussing business, but sometimes the design and strategy ideas flow when you are staring at a building hundreds of years old, enjoying a gelati…. or sitting under a tree watching birds and moving water.  Design is not linear, as Harry often says.  And designers are nearly always observing, reacting, analysing and creating.

So don’t feel entirely jealous, because pure relaxation isn’t our style!

We ended up designing a few new things, and tweaking some designs for our Superpod buildings too, as well as PodMarket furniture.  All inspired by Italian classic architecture and more.

Enjoy the pictures, and think of your next break away if you can…

Bellagio is a shopper's paradise

The Villa Melzi has old, elegant gardens by Lake Como.  We walked through these to get out of the town streets and people.

I ended up swimming in the lake ie taking my life in my hands, negotiating slimy pebbles and fighting through weeds.  I couldn’t help wondering what lurked in the depths – the Italian Loch Ness Monster? (Sorry to detract from the image of perfection.)

Ancient tree
Bellagio is a beautiful place but I prefer quiet gardens to tourist laneways
Lake Como rest day
The slow ferry from Bellagio to Como takes 2 hours.
Como ferry ride is very scenic
The slow boat trip allows you to see all the villages

We took the fast boat to Bellagio (1 hour), and the slow boat back (2 hrs).  The slow boat was well worth it.  Harry has decided he wants a house on a lake with a boat gate.  They were very cool.

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