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Riva 1920 Italian powerhouse

Italy, home of high end furniture design, (including timber furniture design) is a country of integrated contradictions, like the powerhouse of Italian Timber furniture design, Riva 1920.

Riva 1920’s website says:

“It all starts in 1920 in Vighizzolo, Cantù, in the heart of the Brianza area of Lombardy, in a small family-run artisan workshop founded by Nino Romano, specializing in the production of classically styled solid wood furniture.

The brothers Maurizio and Davide Riva follow in the footsteps of their father and grandfather, starting as woodworkers in the workshop below their home, focusing on made to measure furniture and expanding to 1,600 private customers.  A long period of commitment and valorization of the use of natural wood and craft skills starts, aspect that later becomes the main feature of Riva1920…”

Well, here we are, Harry and Fiona from PodMarket, Australia, with that very same Maurizio Riva in Meda, Italy.


Maurizio Riva meets Australian designers
Australia meets Italy

Of course, it is not the first time that Australia meets Italy in the furniture world.  Before us is the legend Jamie Durie, who rose to fame in Australia as a gardening design expert and furniture designer.

Jamie’s pieces are part of the Riva 1920 range.

Jamie Durie stool for Riva 1920
Riva 1920 Stool by Australian designer

And Riva 1920 respects timber from our side of the world too!

New Zealand timber
Riva 1920 respects New Zealand Kauri timber
Dramatic entrance to timber showroom of Riva 1920
Old meets new: timber meets steel at Riva showroom in Meda, Italy
Fabulous respect for the Tree
Harry next to an amazing piece of old Kauri at Riva 1920
Amazing wood tool collection
Riva 1920 Wood Museum
Riva 1920 Museum
Fabulous museum in Meda by Riva 1920
Riva 1920 Kauri table by Renzo Piano
Longest Kauri table?

Today we heard another famous Italian brand describing their timber furniture range as “Primitive”.  Jamie Durie uses the phrase “Raw Luxury”.

What would you like?  Precious metal trims with marble and glass?  or Raw luxury timber pieces from nature to your doorstep?

Italian design knows no bounds.

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  1. Woodwork for furniture is one of the best furniture design and good quality

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