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You can’t beat a Lake Como Villa


A beautiful beach on Lake Como
Lenno on Lake Como

Visiting an Italian villa is both restorative and inspirational.  Gorgeous Lake Como has so much to explore, including many villas around the lake!  On a sunny summer’s day, there’s nothing better than to catch the ferry around the lake and explore local towns, a villa thrown in for good measure.

Today, we had a half day break from all our design meetings, and had a look at Lenno.

Actually we were going to Bellagio, but while standing in the queue, a guy offered us tickets to Lenno, which allowed us to skip the queue for tickets and get straight onto the boat.  Why not?

View from the Villa at Lenno
Lake Como has amazing towns and villas – with the best views!

At Lenno, we stopped for a drink and strawberries, then headed around the beachfront path and up the hill to the local Villa.  Apparently it was the second villa to be built in the whole of Como.

A short walk up the hill to the Villa
Villa Balbianello is a stunning place to visit, with the walk up the hill giving a sense of anticipation.
Villa at Lenno
And here it is!
Gorgeous day for an Italian Villa visit
Villa at Lake Como with amazing sculptures and terraces, and evergreen trees and shrubs.
Ancient meets modern chair design
Unusual leather chair from England
Como is famous for its silk
Silk wallpaper in the Villa
Chandeliers have a place
One of many “over the top” chandeliers in the elegant Villa Balbianello

Star Wars Episode 2 Attack of the Clones has a wedding scene at this Villa.  (google it)

What a view!
Star Wars terrace for the wedding

The drama of this place is evident, and it’s not surprising that Hollywood has come here several times.  James Bond came here too (Daniel Craig).

By the way, the last owner put in an integrated speaker system and airconditioning, as well as other “mod cons”.

Now we too have been here.  On a fabulous day.  Art, architecture, history, culture, design, sculpture, paintings, chandeliers.  Elegance, decoration, luxury, simplicity, drama, outdoors, intimacy, indoors, grand, small.  Old, modern.

Italy has it all!

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