Turn Mirror


Dimensions (mm): 108 x 108 x 30; 4mm thick mirror.

Product Materials: American White Ash, Mirror.

Product Finish: Clear, matte finish.


Designed by an English master, Hugh Scriven, this (swivelling) small turn mirror is so clever, brilliant and fun to use that it will never stop surprising you.  Simply grasp the wooden legs and twist, and watch the mirror surface move through a full 180 degree arc. Find the perfect angle that suits your sitting position and table height and you’re done; it will hold this position until you decide to move it again.

Perfect for applying make-up, putting your contact lenses in or anything else that requires that personal, close up attention.

Has a truer phrase regarding design ever been spoken?

‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’……..Leonardo da Vinci

Please look at our quick videos to see just how impressive this small mirror is:


Delivery and lead time

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Delivery method: Australia Post
Lead time: Available immediately.

Product design

Design: Hugh Scriven, United Kingdom.
Made in Melbourne for PodMarket Pty Ltd.


Sustainability is our essence, not just a tag line.
Good Design is sustainable. Minimal materials, cleverly put together, avoiding unnecessary production and waste. Well crafted designs that last a long time, because if you buy cheap you pay twice, and so does the environment.

Sustainability is about health, avoiding bad chemicals, using non-toxic materials.  Choice of materials is important. We prefer natural fibres in our fabrics. Wools, cottons, linens, and leather.  Timber is a great choice for sustainable outcomes. Forests are good for our environment, and timber production has many eco-benefits. We prefer timbers that are properly harvested using sustainable forestry practices, and timbers that last. We use glass, or metal when that’s what the item needs to be beautiful, or functional, or to last a long time. That’s part of a sustainable outcome too.
For further information, please refer to  our design principles and our materials sections.


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