eBook: Comfy Clothes



To Live in comfort with the least effort.  We all want it.  How do we get it?
Just think about the obvious, and follow it through in your building design and construction.
Our eBook series is here to help you get on top of some fundamental concepts re thermal efficiency.

Too often, technical and complicated explanations confuse us as to what is real.  Too often, explanations of building efficiency, sustainability, carbon footprints and passive building design, can leave us in the dark – thinking that a few solar panels, or concrete floors, or timber cladding, is the answer.

These ebooks are our attempt to simplify a complex area.  Don’t be fooled by the childlike illustrations.  The information we have distilled into humorous vignettes is very real and authentic. It’s just that often the best way to explain things is to pretend you are talking to a child.  And often the best way to understand important new information, is to put aside your preconceptions, and think in a childlike way.  You might find that this new information is not so new after all.  And you might find yourself thinking, why aren’t we doing things differently? Enjoy!


For students of all ages.

There are currently 4 eBooks in the series, each tackling a specific principle related to Passive House Buildings.
Comfy Clothes
Air Tightness
Keeping the Castle Safe
No Spoons in the Wall


  Customisation available. Please contact us with your requirements.