Eames Dowel Chair (Modernica)



Dimensions (mm): Side Shell: 471 wide x 547 deep x 789 high. 445 seat height or Arm Shell: 636 wide x 598 deep x 789 high. 420 seat height..

Product Materials: Legs: Zinc plated chrome/black steel + solid maple/walnut dowel legs + Shell: Fiberglass – PBDE free (Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers) + Fire safety approved.

Product Fiberglass: Chiffon or Jet Black or Natural or Oatmeal or Terracotta or White.

Dowel Legs + Steel: Maple (blonde) + Chrome steel or Maple (blonde) + Black steel or Walnut (dark) + Chrome steel or Walnut (dark) + Black steel.

Arm Rest: Side Shell (no arms) or Arm Shells (arms).


This is it, the true iconic original classic Eames Dowel Chair (Modernica); full title: the Case Study® Fiberglass Side Shell Dowel Chair and the Case Study® Fiberglass Arm Shell Dowel Chair.   Easily one of the most important and recognisable dining chairs of all time, originally designed in 1948 as an entry in The Museum of Modern Art’s International Design Competition.

In the early fifties, fiberglass was considered an ultra-high tech material, and, importantly, it was both lightweight and heavy-duty. Initial development and production was through Zenith Plastics—early pioneers of developing fiberglass for household and military applications. As for the chair bases, they were cleverly designed to provide a number of leg options that would be interchangeable within the various shell series.

The shell chairs were first available in the spring of 1950 and were manufactured and distributed until 1983.  In 2000, Modernica revived this potentially lost art of high-pressure, moulded fiberglass. Modernica creates each shell, by hand, one-by-one, in their Los Angeles factory—just as they had been designed, developed, and produced in Southern California in the 1950s. Modernica even uses all of the original presses and specialised equipment obtained by the original manufacturing plant. To ensure authenticity of production, the initial shell chair production was overseen the very same team employed over sixty years ago to develop the original technology.

The Eames Dowel Chair (Modernica) is available with or without arms and with various timber leg options.  Modernica also offer these iconic chairs with upholstered shells.  Please contact us directly for further information if you’d prefer the upholstered version.

We offer these true originals in both the Side Shell (armless) and the Arm Shell versions.  The wire connectors between the timber dowel legs are available in either a chrome or black finish.  The dowel legs themselves are also available in either maple (blonde) or walnut (dark).  To add even more to your options,  Modernica now offer these iconic chairs with upholstered fiberglass shells.  For further information regarding these upholstered versions, please contact us directly.  Also, please contact us if you’d like a fiberglass colour which isn’t listed above – we can get each colour within the range.

Each and every Eames Dowel Chair (Modernica) is entirely manufactured in Los Angeles, U.S.A.  Furniture that lasts.


Delivery and lead time

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Delivery method: Client Pick-Up (free); Delivery to Your Door Organised by PodMarket (invoiced separately); Delivery Organised by Client
Lead time: Approximately 8 weeks


* This entire range of fiberglass chairs contain no (PBDE) Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers and all have been fire safety tested and approved.
** Simple assembly required.

Product design

Design: Charles + Ray Eames
Made in Los Angeles, USA


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  Customisation available. Please contact us with your requirements.
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